By definition, a foundation is an underlying basis or principle for something. Every building has an underpinning, every skyscraper a substructure, and every plant a root. Every system, every culture, every individual has a starting point, a premise- a beginning. In the same way, every cup of coffee has a unique and significant heritage. From the water that is filtered over the beans that are freshly ground, the source of our coffee is felt and enjoyed by all the human senses. We begin with the finest and freshest coffee beans and roast them to absolute perfection. But as each cup of coffee has a foundation, so do we. Our fundamental values are coffee, community, and outdoors, and we take that to heart. We firmly believe there is no better beginning to valuable conversation and friendship than enjoying it over a couple delicious caffeinated beverages. Join us in our delight of excellent coffee, invaluable community, and the great outdoors.

Every great cup of coffee has a foundation. What’s yours?


Foundation wants to serve great coffee, with a great community in awe of the great outdoors and what iT produces for us.

To understand our story you need to first get a cup of coffee and get comfortable. Jk, but if your willing to read, its kinda neat to hear. From the Owner, Jason Smith….So back in 2002 I started a small lawn and landscape company (Outdoor Impressions, see the tie in with Outdoors here ). I grew and developed the company to a leading Outdoor Living construction company in the Tampa Bay area (as well as a family) over the next 13 years. One day my wife and co-owner of Foundation Emily Smith said “sweetie, I love you but I’m not digging this construction thing and me being home with three kids all day. I need some adults and a community to be apart of. Id love to find a job, but not a job job for me” For those who know me know this was like giving candy to a baby. I quickly started thinking of ideas to integrate and solve real world problems. I landed on…. “we have property, we have staff but we don’t have good coffee around. Wanna open a specialty coffee shop babe?” Her response was obviously “of course!” (not exactly) But little by little the ideas were ironed out and 6 months later to the day Foundation served its first cup of coffee.  To further understand our company you must know that we are Faith based. This is not to brag or somehow make you think we are perfect. But it  is to let you know that our owners are people Faith and with that believe that Jesus is real. We also believe in heaven and know that one day we will want a good cup of Joe up there we don’t want to behind the curve… lol  But seriously our company uses our beliefs to love people no matter who they are or what they believe. We are called to encourage and to be the hands and feet of Christ. We don’t want anything more than for people to feel the same love that God showed us and know that he loves them too!. We are not going to preach to you, but we will be happy to share more about the wonderful things that has made our lives worth living and loving the relationship we know to be our Foundation. (pun intended) haha

Thats about it, Foundation wants to serve great coffee, with a great community in awe of the great outdoors and what it produces for us. We hope you have enjoyed this short read into who we are and what we are about. We truly do love our customers and could not do this journey without you! 


- Jason & Emily Smith