Purchase A Foundation Kegerator

Purchase A Foundation Kegerator

from 549.00


  • Pricing includes set up and delivery and one 2 gallon keg fill of premium Foundation Coffee.

  • Nitro Gas - Nitrogen is the “push” that feeds our coffee through the keg and tap handle. CO2 is not used as it spoils the coffee. Price includes first fill, refills are $25 each (billed at time of service).

  • Nitrogen Tank - Needed for coffee to come through the tap properly, we offer add-on tanks.

  • Shelf Life - Any leftover coffee should be disposed of and optionally refilled on a monthly basis.

  • Custom Tap Handle - If you would like a custom tap, please purchase the customization add-on option along with your keg, then send your handle design to info@foundationcoffee.co

Custom Tap Handle:
Nitrogen Tank:
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